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Gimp - help!

I have no idea what I'm doing. Sadly I downloaded the help manual and can't even locate it on my computer. It probably doesn't help that I know nothing about processing and my head is already crammed with photography terms.

Can someone help describe some of the basic functions and how to do them? Or maybe link me to somewhere that I can get an elementary education on it?

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Here's a link I found to some tutorials. You might have some luck on youtube as well.

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"KatieWillis" wrote:

Here's a link I found to some tutorials. You might have some luck on youtube as well.

Thanks - not sure how I missed that link.

I did try youtube... but it seemed to be more graphics / gaming types of tutorials as opposed to photo editing. Then the ones for photo editing were to advanced for me.

I think part of my problem is that I don't know what any of the terms mean. It's like a foreign language. All I want to do is take my movie theater photo and make the reds redder. What would I be doing to do that?

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I honestly just do a Google search for what I want to do in gimp and then filter through the tutorials that come up.

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I wish we could set up a Skype-Gimp meeting. Lol! I love Gimp so much! When there is something I want to do with Gimp and I'm unsure, I search the process I want. I find pics and dialog a little easier to follow than the things I've seen on YouTube. How I learned, I looked at a term from the tool box, say 'clone' and typed, 'how to clone in Gimp', etc. HTH

**edit** I should have just typed 'ditto, Amanda'. I need to read replies fully before typing.

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Hi, I've got GIMP. It can be a bit confusing when you first start using it. Honestly, best bet is to either search the manual (download again if necessary) or google key phrases and look at the online tutorials. A lot of them come with pictures which will make it all make more sense than anything we try and describe.

Play around with all the menus and tools when you get a chance. Just experiment to see what they do. You don't need to save the results so it doens't matter what the end result is. It does matter what you learn while playing.