"Glamour" Birthday Shoot

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"Glamour" Birthday Shoot

I did a "glamour shoot" birthday party for a 10-year-old girl. Long story behind this, a bit stressful going in, and a friend did the shoot with me so there are other shots, but these are the ones I was 'responsible' for.

It wasn't ideal because of the background, but it was GREAT working with off-camera flash. Love the ease of directional light when you can put a flash anywhere you want!!! Smile My first time doing it, and two of the girls weren't positioned as well, but I'm still happy with the results. I just really wish we'd had a proper background; that's my biggest frustration with them. But the mom wanted it in the home, and this was the best wall to work with. Beee

Anyway, before I give the images to the mom, any CC on colour, etc.? There are a LOT, but if you can scroll through and just comment on anything that seems a problem or whatever, that'd be great.

1. Emma, the birthday girl

Emma's Birthday Party



5. Alea



8. Kyla (or something like that)



11. Megan, the 8-year-old younger sister of Emma. She wasn't into it by this point and I also didn't have her positioned as well so the light is too dramatic for her. Sad


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This looks like it was such a fun shoot to participate in! I can't imagine a group of girlie girls WANTING to have their time in front of the camera. Biggrin

Here are my thoughts ... (but remember I'm at work, so take everythign w/ a grain of salt) ...

1. Love this - her right cheek (camera left) seems a little hot, but that's being pretty darn nit picky.

2. I love the expression you caught here. You might add just a touch of fill light to even out the shadows around her nose and to bring out her left eye a bit.

3. this is my favorite of the birthday girl! LOVE the gramatic light here. And her eyes look wonderful!

4. love the flowing hair here and her attitude really makes me giggle. Lighting is nice. only nit pick is that I wish her fingernails weren't green. Wink

5. what a stunning girl! love he hair! this is a really nice shot. love the catch lights.

6. this looks a bit washed out - you might try dialing back the exposure - hot spot on her forehaed (above her right eye, near the hair line), but still a really nice shot.

7. this is my favorite of Alea. great catch lights. skin looks natural. shadows compliment, not distract. and she looks all "glam" but not too old for a 10 year old.

8. very sweet looking girl. you might want to add a bit of fill light - the shadows, especially those behind her left ear seem a bit dark. but that's a personal preference.

9. this is my fvorite of Kyla. you can see her personality more here, I think. or at least, a stronger personality comes across. skin tones and hair color seems more natural and not like the flash is reflecting off of them.

10. I wish she was tured a bit more toward the light as the left side of her face (camera right) seems a bit lost in the shadow. a bit of fill light might help here too.

11. too bad she wasn't as into it as the others - she has a really interesting look. the shadows on the left side of her face seem a bit dark. any chance fill would help here? the one fly away hair doesn't really work either - I would prefer it cloned out if possible.

12. here the blowing hair works better (as it's more than 1 strand moving). lighting seems better too. I can see more detail on the left side of her face.

I am sure the moms are going to ADORE these, Tracy! And hopefully the girls all felt beyond glamorous! they look precious to me. Biggrin


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Thanks, GiGi, I will look these over and tweak the images that I can. Some already have fill light added, and adding too much makes it look unnatural; but I will look at everything and see what I can do.

Just one more to add of Emma, I don't know how I missed processing this earlier as it is very sweet!

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I didn't read through GiGi's comments, and I'm on borrowed time at the moment, but I just have to say that I FLIPPING LOVE these!!!!!! You should totally see if Nora would let you do this with her. Love love love love these!

Can you share your setup with the off camera flash? Umbrella? Soft box? What trigger did you use? I really would like to see about doing something like this sometime.

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Thanks, Steph!

Setup was a flash on a stand, used with a universal flash trigger. White Westcott umbrella as a diffuser. Umbrella was set up about 45 degrees to the side, and 45 degrees above their faces, angled down. We used a fan to blow the hair.

Settings were consistent since the light was consistent: 1/200th of a second, F3.2, ISO 800. Flash was dialed down a little (set manually), maybe 2/3rds of a stop from full. It wasn't my flash, so the settings are a bit weird, but I'm guessing it'd be like Canon speedlight's -2/3 stop, something like that.

I'd love to do this with Nora. I borrowed the flash triggers as I never did get my cable working; but now that I know that $40 triggers can work just fine, I will probably buy a set.

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Absolutely beautiful!

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I apologize for it taking me so long to reply. My life has been so hectic! These are amazing. I can so imagine how much they adored it!
I have read through GiGi's CC and I have to say that's basically mine.