A go at Christmas Photos

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A go at Christmas Photos

My DD never lets me do anything with her any more. It's hard to get her to sit still. Thankfully today she did!!! She actually ASKED me to take her picture! I was thrilled, so I put her in a new outfit, sat her down and we played. It's all natural light in my living room. I wish camera right had a bit more light, but I didn't want her to loose her interest by me getting out my lighting set up and taking too long.

This is just about the same pose and face she had for my valentines photos this year...I'll have to dig those up.
1/200 f 2.2 1000
2010-11-29 01

This photo shows the darkness to camera right. I might keep trying to play with it.
1/160 f 2.2 1000
2010-11-29 04

This is my teddy bear when I was her age. She's taken an insane liking to her. It makes me smile to have photos of her with my teddy when I have a picture of myself (her age) with the same one Smile
1/160 f 2.2 1000
2010-11-29 03

Wish I didn't have the hand chop Sad
1/160 f 2.2 1000
2010-11-29 02

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very cute! Smile and aww on the teddy bear. That's sweet. I wish I still had my childhood things to give to my daughter. I planned on doing just that but well...its all gone. I like how she's holding on to the teddy in #3 Smile

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I think these are good. I don't mind the shadows too much! My fav is the first one when it comes to lighting, but her expression in 2 & 3 are ADORABLE!

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cute! and I love the fact that it was your teddy bear!!!!

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Love the teddy one!

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Great pictures, I think the teddy bear from your childhood is a wonderful idea to incorporate into the photos.

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She just gets more adorable every time I see her!! And these look really good! I think you are being much too hard on yourself.

#2 is probably my favorite. I love the pose and the sweet smile. The darkness on the right side doesn't bother me at all as her face is evenly lit.

And how incredible is that for her to have your teddy bear!!! Does she know it was once yours?

#3 is also a true winner in my book and knowing how special that bear is makes it only more so! Smile


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I actually like the unevenness of the light in number two. You wouldn't want it to be perfectly flat lighting and this has a good amount of depth going on.

Her face in number three is just too cute. Kind of shot I'd definitely put on a wall. I just love personality shots like that.

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She's so cute. The lighting doesn't bother me either. I like the idea of the old stuffed animal from your own childhood---I'm such a kid at heart that I am still passionate about the toys & books I had when I was a kid, and I still have some of them. I have an ancient stuffed bunny from when I was small, and the neck has a hole in it, the color is faded, and the fur is matted, but it's still so cute, I might have Eva hold it for some of my shots this year Smile