Going to look at Studio Space today!!! Update

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Going to look at Studio Space today!!! Update

I have been peeking around for the last few months to see what is available, and everything is crazy expensive! Yesterday I was driving down the main drag and in the middle of the block of art studios was a sign. "Artist Studio Spaces $250/month Utilities included".

There's a good chance that the spaces will be too small. I was in the building a few years ago when it was a restaurant and they've renovated it in to 5 spaces. If the front main one with the window is available, I think it would be perfect. At that price, I'd only have to have 1 client a month to pay for it. It seems to good to be true???

Anyways, I didn't think it would hurt to go and view it, wish me luck!

Shucks! The space i was thinking of is PERFECT! But, she's splitting it in to 2, and it just won't be wide enough for what I need, and I can't afford double rent on it at this point. Ah well! I think that something good will come out of it though. We have pondered renovating our workshop in the back (it's actually a huge boathouse), and I think that we might just go for it. It's just been sitting empty for the 5 years that we've lived here!

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Good luck!!! Show us some pictures if you have them.

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That's so exciting! I hope its big enough! Smile

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Good luck! Show us pictures you are able to take them while you're there!

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oooo good luck

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bummer that it didn't work out ... but I think the renovations sound like a better (rent free) deal for you. KUP!

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Sorry it didn't work out. Sounds like the boathouse would be perfect though, and not to mention fun to renovate! KUP!