Going places with your camera? Need advice please

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Going places with your camera? Need advice please

So far, I only really take my back pocket camera (aka my P&S) when we are out on family fun trips. We're going to Hershey Park for three days later this month, and I want to use the "good camera". I'm TERRIFIED of something happening to it, or someone stealing it when we're on a ride. But I really want to capture the fun with the better camera.

What do you do? What's the "craziest" or riskiest place you've taken your camera? What lengths have you gone to protect your camera?

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i took mine on a back woods, canoe/camping trip in algonquin park...I was so paranoid about water splashes that i packed it in 4 large ziplock bags and attached it to something that floated in case of tipping.

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I wouldn't take it. I'd not enjoy the trip for worrying about it. There's no way to go on rides all together if you're holding expensive equipment. I really need to find a good p&s that has manual settings. Any recommendations?

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I took my camera to our last vacation. I only brought my Tamron lens. I thought it wasn't going to rain and I took it without the bag and of course Murphy's law it rained. I had to put my camera under my shirt and waited until the rain stopped.

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I wouldn't take my camera to an amusement park if I was planning on going on any rides. There is no WAY I would let my good camera leave my body when I'm in public. Even during a shoot, I wear my backpack at all times for fear that one of my lenses would get stolen.

I say...unless you aren't going to go on any rides...take the point and shoot.

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I'm definintely going on the rides. I've been pregnant for our last two0 park trips that I've missed out on the rides. So I guess I'll leave it at home. My PowerShot does a great job, it's just that my Rebel does an even better job.

Esti - the PowerShot by Canon does have some manual settings, but I rarely use them. I'd rather not have to think too much when I'm using it, that's the beauty of a P&S. Wink

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I took mine to Disney and to the beach. The thing never left my body except my extra lense and speedlight which I had tucked away in an internal pocket in the diaper bag.

It was nerve racking though. I don't have a p&s anymore to take with me...I suppose I should invest in one, huh?

Ya'll are going to have a blast! Eat tons of chocolate for me!!!

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Everyone already said what I was thinking--don't take it! Smile Glad you're going to bring the P&S. I think you'll enjoy yourself much more that way.

The only crazy place I've taken my camera was the beach. It was never alone though. Also, that was my old D40x with the kit lens before I actually delved into learning photography....