Good news, bad news

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Good news, bad news

My bad Christmas news is that even though I rationally knew it was highly unlikely that I would get a DSLR, when DH asked me what I wanted most in a camera a couple of months ago, I got my hopes up anyway... and was disappointed. We just can't afford it, but I was kind of bummed out.

BUT, he did get me some groupon-type coupons for three 16x20 canvas prints! I really, really want to order one of my kids together, but I'm not sure my all-time favourite photo of them will be good enough quality (not in terms of resolution, but in terms of sharpness). It's my all-time favourite for the emotion and joy, not the overall quality... but I do just love, love, love it! However, I don't want to order canvases and be disappointed. So I'm wondering if I can get some input from people who've had canvases printed. Would this photo work on a canvas, or is the quality just too inferior, with respect to sharpness, etc.

Another one I'm contemplating is this one:

I would rather a tighter crop but the resolution on our camera may make that impossible for a 16x20. Not sure yet, as I have to investigate the minimum requirements.

ETA: I know I can get out there and take more pictures, but the above two photos are just ones I love for their expressions and genuine happiness. I may still go take more and see what I can come up with, though!

The other two canvases will probably not be the kids as they may end up being for our parents, and I'm not sure it's fair to give them a 16x20 canvas for their walls when they don't have similar large photos/art of their other grandchildren! Anyway, if anyone is really bored and would be interested in perusing my portfolio on RedBubble to let me know if there are any images they think would make good canvas art, I'd sure love to hear your thoughts. Like I said, I really do not want to order and be disappointed.

Hope everyone is having a good New Year's Day! Blessings to you all in 2012.

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Tracy, completely understandable that you are disappointed you didn't get the DSLR! I thought I was getting a new lens from dh and nope...earrings. Aghh!! Smile

Anyway, just wanted to sympathize with you and say I ADORE that first picture of your kids! I don't recall seeing it before and it is adorable! Never had a canvas printed so I don't have any advice in regards to that, but I think it looks pretty good in terms of sharpness.

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Sorry you didn't get that DsLR.... Bummer. Maybe sometime soon! For now, keep rocking that p&s!

I like number two and I think it will do fine! I love the emotion!

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Sorry to hear you didn't get the DSLR, could you maybe talk to DH about saving to buy you it for a birthday gift? Just a thought.

I haven't printed anything on canvas, I have wanted to, let me know how yours turns out.

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I can understand that disappointment but I think it's great that you'll be able to get some canvas prints now!

Both of these photos are really great, but honestly, I think you should go with the one that speaks the most to YOU. I've never had a canvas print, so I can't offer practical advice, but I do know that if you are going to print something big and look at it day-in and day-out, you want it to be something you truly treasure.

Just my $0.02 worth.


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I adore that first image! Well, the second one too, but that first one just melts my heart. I've never had a canvas printed out myself (though I keep saying that I'm going to...), but I've heard that a canvas is great for images that are not super crisp. That it kind of masks the fact that it's not spot on. It makes sense to me, but like I said, I've not had any printed out before.

Good luck choosing!

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I would go with the first one, not just because it means so much to you but also because of the nature of canvas. Like Stephanie said, the texture of the canvas does help to hide any focus imperfections. We've had a canvas printed before, but it was just an 8 X 10, so I don't know much about larger prints, however I do know that larger prints in general are usually meant to be viewed from a further distance than smaller ones, so crispness is less of an issue with them anyway. Does that make sense? I'm hopped up on steroids right now, so please forgive me if I'm saying anything weird Lol

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Thanks ladies! Funny thing, I think my DH isn't crazy about the first one. But I so totally love it. Not sure what to do! But that makes sense about both the size and the canvas helping in a situation where the picture isn't tack sharp.

I may post before I order, final images of exactly what I'd be ordering, so I can get some feedback as to whether there are any potential problems with the colours or anything. The company does do proofs of some kind, but I am not really sure what they're like.