Goofy Valentines pic

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Goofy Valentines pic

I was trying to take a picture of my nephew with a Lollypop for Valentines. Notice, the candy is still wrapped because I didn't want him to be high on sugar... lmao. But my DS decided to do a run-by on the background. Thought I'd share this funny moment. Oh, photographing children is so unpredictable!

CC if you like!

F3.5, SS1/125, ISO 400, natural lighting.

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Too cute! Is your DS playing with his lollipop too?

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oh, that's funny! and it reminds me of a picture I was taking today ... I'm doing Project 365, and today is "me Monday" ... as I was trying to take my self portrait, Natalie comes in and starts talking to me, just as the shutter releases (it was on timer). funny kids!

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Love kids. They always know how to make photos more interesting!

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