A gorgeous girl.

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A gorgeous girl.

Took these a few weeks ago but I am only just getting through all of this editing for the big shoot so I'd love some opinions on these please

This girl is stunningly beautiful. Talented to boot, can play a variety of instruments and is studying trumpet at university.

I love this first shot...... Which one do you prefer

I love her expression here

I deliberately underexposed this shot to play with the light.

oh this was a nice vanilla black and white..... what did flickr do to it!!!!


Thanks for looking


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For #1, I prefer the second one.

I wish we could more of her in #2. Her hand got chopped off.

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Oh, what a lovely lady she is indeed, Cazz!

Personally, I like the 2nd version of #1. The vignette DOES help to draw your attention to her sweet face, but honestly, the beautiful light in her eyes does the same job while keeping the natural bright feel of the one without it.

I like the expression you caught in #2 as well, but she seems a bit too centered for my tastes. I wish she were more to our left, then the strings and neck would draw us through the frame better. I think then the chopped arm wouldn't be as noticeable as well.

#3 may be my favorite (it's hard to choose). Your conversion is nice and I like the use of the dramatic lighting. I do wish her hand was not OOF as it is the only element in the frame that isn't.

Sorry flickr messed with your conversion. As we see it here, it's not quite my style, but still very nice and I like it a lot. As the trumpet is her main focus of study, I'll bet she loves it too. Smile

I like the angle in #5. If you had been lower, we wouldn't be able to see her face. And higher up would lack the impact of the full 'face' of the trumpet. I'd like to see this in a tighter crop, from just below her elbows up. Very fun image (imho)!

Great set, Cazz!


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I'm going to try my hand at cc, but don't put any real weight to what I say. I'm still learning. Smile

1. Also like the 2nd better
2. I agree that she is a bit too centered and that a different crop might help. But I love the lighting/coloring.
3. I like it. I too think it would have been better if the hand dead more in focus. But I think what's bothering me the most is that the violin was chopped off. I think I would prefer it in landscape orientation.
4. I like the vanilla look. But something it bugging me. I'm thinking perhaps it's that her skin looks TOO perfect. But from looking at the other shots I see she just has flawless porcelain skin...
5. Not really feeling this one. I can see where you were trying to go with the angle, but to me it just makes her head look too small. I think I would like it a bit more to the side, with more of the rest of the trumpet showing. Could just be me though. She might love it.

I always love looking at your pics. I think you're a great photographer! Smile