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Got an itch!

to get a new lens!! If you saw my last post, I am looking for something that will Autofocus on my D60 and would be good for mostly portraiture. Lucky for me, BH actually tells whether the lens will AF with my camera, so that has made things a little easier! I can spend around $500.00 though I don't really need to LOL.
These are the ones I am looking at:

Can anyone give any recommendations on any of these? Also, I do hope to one day upgrade to a nicer Nikon DSLR, so it would be great to buy a lens that would work well on a better camera as well.
Thanks for any help!

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Sorry, I can't help you b/c I don't know much about lens. I have the Nikkor 50mm, 1.8. I love it. My work won't let me see the sites that you are posting. Sorry.

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I have that 50mm f/1.4 and let me tell ya .. that is one tack sharp lens!!! That lens really transformed my judo pictures. I use it as my primary portrait lens as well.

I don't have either of the others, so my opinions are based on word of mouth. The 35mm gets a LOT of great press. I don't think you could go wrong with either of these 2 lenses. But they are primes. No zooming (except w/ your feet).

I do'nt know much about the Tamron to be honest, but I know plenty of folks that prefer the flexibility of a zoom lens.

I'm not much help, am I? Blum 3

I love my 50mm lens. I never regret the $$ I spent on it.

That's about the best I can say.

hope this didn't muddy the waters too much. Wink


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Hope you ladies don't mind if I bump this...I was hoping for a few more opinions if possible.
Though after the last post, I am strongly leaning to the 50 because I do love a nice sharp shot and after your comments and reading reviews, it looks like this lens is nice and sharp.
My 50 mm 1.8 is not very sharp, but I wonder how much of that is due to my terrible lack of manual focusing skills.

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I'd LOVE to have the 50 1.4--that would be my choice. For now I have the 1.8 . That saying, I own the 35 1.8 and I really like it--It's VERY sharp. I've heard mixed reviews on the Tamron. If you get a sharp copy, it's great, but there seems to be a lot of NOT sharp copies out there, so you gotta be careful.

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For mainly portraiture, if you're shooting indoors a lot, give the 35 a whirl Smile I love love love my 50 1.8...and the 1.4 is even better. BUT, you really have to back up to get full length shots. If that isn't an easy option for you a lot, then go with the 35! I have it and I find myself having to move forward a ton! LOL It's a great lens and awesomely sharp!

I want the Tamron, but I'm nervous to get a botched copy. I would love to hold out for Nikon's 28-70 but I'm going to have to dig deep in our pockets for that one!

Good luck and happy shopping! Can't wait to hear what you decide on

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"shutterbug0303" wrote:

I want the Tamron, but I'm nervous to get a botched copy. I would love to hold out for Nikon's 28-70 but I'm going to have to dig deep in our pockets for that one!

Yeah I totally hear you on that one!
Wow, you ladies have given me a lot to think about...I think the Tamron is now out of the running because I have been reading some reviews online that don't sound very promising.
Now to just decide between the 35 and the 50...

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I have the 50mm 1.4 (canon though) and I love it. I would love to have a wide angle too though. Like people said.. I would go for the 35 if you are indoor without much room, otherwise I'd get the 50 Smile

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