Got out... cc welcome

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Got out... cc welcome

I finally broke out the 5dm3.. lol, this camera is above and beyond my expectations! Took my youngest out. I had such a hard time with him and getting him to stand still, bah, two years old!

Taken with 16-35 mm, f2.8 ISO and SS varies

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Yahoo Glad you were able to give it a go! How exciting!

1. I would like this one without the house behind it. Sky and focus is amazing!
2. LOVE!
3. I wish his eyes were open. I just feel like that would have added to this! Or, you could have went for a peaceful shot with fully closed eyes.

Man these are amazing! Smile

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I can't believe your youngest is two years old! He is extremely cute, and you can really tell that he was on the move! Gorgeous photos Smile

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Sorry I'm just now getting to these! We've been gone, and I've only been able to view on my phone. But I LOVE these! They have such a fun feel to them. You really captured his personality well! That kid is just too darn cute!

I love how you got the blue in the sky in #1. #2 seems warmer than the other two. I think I'd like to see the color in all of these somewhere in between #1 and #2. I, too, would have loved to see his eyes open more in #3, but this may just be "him", and that's good Smile

Great job! You're really doing great with that new camera! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

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I can't add much, but these are really cute and he looks like he was having a ball! #2 is definitely my fave... on the move and loving every minute of it!