A gray card question

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A gray card question

I didn't want to hijack Amber's thread to ask this...and i just want to be clear....
I have a Whibal gray card to set my whitebalance and i've found it helpful tool when i look at my images in post. fill the frame with the image of the card, snap a pic use that image to set your custom WB...i got that. But when using a gray card to set exposure, do you fill the frame with the image of the card as well and set your settings (iso, ss, f-stop) so that your meter reads close to or spot on 0? And then you dont have to worry about anything unless your lighting changes, correct?

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I would like to know too. I understand setting color bal with it but not exposure. I don't own a card yet (I've been setting custom WBs with a white sheet of paper) but may in the future.

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I don't know about the exposure.

Are you taking your photos RAW? If so then you should just take a pic of your card in approx the place where your subject will be, use auto wb and then in ACR click on the gray card. RAW doesn't take account your custom wb settings