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Just wondering...does this look green to you? I'm using a new laptop, and it's not calibrated. I posted a few pictures on FB, and they look green to me on there--look fine in CS5.


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hmm not they don't look green to me at all. facebook is weird though. don't know why they would look green on there. i am calibrated. Smile

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I'm not calibrated here at work, but I don't see any green either. FB does strange things.


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It looks a little gray. I noticed that you saved this one as rgb not srgb so thats why when posted on the web it doesn't look the same as in CS5. I do this all the time. Hope that helps you.

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I don't think it looks green either, but my monitors at work are AWEFUL. Things look different on each one, so I'm not help. But I do want to say that they are adorable! I love how Gracie's arm is wrapped around Hannah! Too cute. And it is hard to not get color casts on such pale skin. I always have that problem with Addison.

What did you ever decide to do about the pic you wanted to make BIG? Which one did you go with? I thought it was a beautiful pic!

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It's a beautiful pic, but their skin does look off to me....not really green, but more gray like Rachel said. Slightly pasty I guess.