Grey cards and other q's

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Grey cards and other q's

Do u use a grey card? Is there a certain brand to buy?

When shooting, do u use the live view?

MF or AF?

I was playing with my camera and the camera manual yesterday and realized using live view lets ya zoom in and see if u have focus down before shooting. I felt semi smart after that haha. I have read the manual before but find when I reread it, I always learn more, like the info was put in after I read it the first time LOL.

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I so have to read my manual again I think! I'm sure I'll learn more now than before. I haven't opened it in like a year I think. I don't use live view. It depends on what I'm shooting I guess. I use AF, I don't trust my eye for MF. lol I have a grey card but I rarely use it :oops: I really need to start using it though. Sorry my post doesn't really help lol

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Don't have a grey card, so no help there, sorry.
As for Live View, I never use it, unless I am holding the camera over my head trying to take a pic. (Ex: ball game, holding the camera over the fence.)
I ALWAYS use autofocus. Well, I might use manual if it's a non moving subject! Lol

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Um, I use auto focus on my lens, but toggle my focus points in camera... and I never do live view... the few times I tried it I couldn't nail focus or keep up with my fast action kiddos. I dont have a grey card... yet... it is in my amazon cart. I DID just order a reflector (80% off!!!) Biggrin and some close-up lens filters that had really good reviews and sample photos from reviewers (poor substitute, but I can't afford a macro right now).. Can't wait for things to get here so I can play!