Guess I should introduce myself too- added pics

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Guess I should introduce myself too- added pics

Hi all. My name is Danielle and I have been interested in photography since middle school. I have never had any formal training, so whenever I get a really good shot it's pure luck. Lol. I have the gimp and for photo editing, although I don't know much about them either.

That is all about to change over the next year though. I'm so excited that I have finally signed up for a photography course at a local college. Photography is one of their continuing education subjects. To get a photography certificate you are basically doing everything you would to major in it, minus all the math, science, lit, history, etc. ( although since I already have a BA in PR, I should look into seeing what would be needed to have a double anyway. The first course starts mid Sept. I can only take one a semester, so it will take a while to get close to as good as all of you. Smile

BTW I have an Olympus E-620. It's currently used more like a P&S unless I have it in one of the built-in settings. When I get to my other comp I'll post a few pics.

ETA Pics:


And this was one of the first pics I took with my camera when I got it Christmas 2009

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I think there are quiet a few of us that aren't educated in photography, good to hear you have the chance to take a course. Welcome to the boards, can't wait to see your work.

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Good luck with your course! I've been wanting to take one, but just haven't found the time or money to do it yet Wink

Welcome to the board!

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That's neat you can take classes! I need some! Smile

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Welcome Smile

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Welcome Biggrin

I've never taken a class in photography but there is one I have had my eye on doing for a while. I just need the dollars to do it Biggrin

I have, and I am sure you will, learn heaps just from being on this board.
The ladies here have taught me so much and a so giving of their time and expertise.

I am sure you'll have a ball.


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Hello and welcome! How fun to take a class!!! One day...LOL.

Your kids are adorable!

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I am on the one day photo class wagon too. I would love to!

Glad you are joining us. Can't wait to see more! Your kids are precious!

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Add me to the 'hope to take some classes one day' camp, too! Good for you!


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Thank you all for the warm welcome! Smile

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Welcome Biggrin

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Welcome! I'm new to this board too Smile

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Hi and welcome to the board! Cute pics, can't wait to see more! I am mostly a nature photographer (hobbyist) but since I got my SLR in 2009 I've been learning how to take better portraits too, and have had LOTS of fun here at this board. Great bunch of gals here and TONS of great info! Smile