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Thread: Gulp! Did a real shoot! (Pic heavy) - EDITS ADDED post #10

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    I agree that the biggest thing here is them looking uncomfortable. One thing that helps me is music. I have tried it over and over and any shoot with music always has a better flow about it. I tell my clients to bring their ipod and I have a few of those pocket sized bass speakers. They fit right in your pocket and work really well. Plus they are only about 10 bucks at any walgreens. I also almost always bring starbucks. This is not necessary but I do it for a reason to not start right away. By the time people find what they are going to wear, do their hair, try to find your place, they are stressed. I bring coffee and tell them how I am also a mother and I know these things can be crazy hetic so lets take a break first and then we can get to shooting. Everytime I see a persons sholders go down and they breathe. I think just 5 or 10 minutes to unwind can make a huge difference. Once they are relaxed I turn on the music they like and we start shooting Overall I think it's a great start so keep at it and don't be afraid to be assertive just try to do it in a funny way

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    Wow Tracy! You did great with this shoot!
    1. Love this. I think the colors are almost spot on here. Great focus too!
    2. I think blanket is blown. Great light in her eyes.
    3. The last one you edited of this one looks better. I still think it's a tad bright though. You did a good job with this position. I feel like a lot of times they are looking funny, but you did good.
    4. Edit #1 of the girls back to back is great! Probably one of my faves!
    5. The tree is right above her head here and is throwing me off. I like the comp of #4 better.
    6. She looks happy and relaxed here. I like the angle and think you nailed this one.
    7. The comp is throwing me off. I want to know what she's looking at. I think if she was looking downward a bit more it would have worked. Maybe crop some of the left side off?
    8. They look way too uncomfortable here. And it's really bright in the back.
    9. This one isn't working for me. I think the background needs to be darkened. Have you tried burning it at all?
    10. She looks really happy and relaxed for me here. I like this, just wish maybe she would have interacted with the tree some with her hands?
    11. New edit looks great- maybe tone down the blanket some.
    12. I just wish she looked more comfortable. It would have been cute to maybe do a serious one here with her hands on her knees or something rather than her just sitting...
    13. I LOVE this one. Both your first edit and second!
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    Thanks for the tips, Tia!

    Thank you for the great CC, Sadie, really appreciated. Funny about #4 vs. #5 with the tree coming out of her head... because I had the exact same angle in #4 at first, realized the tree position wasn't good and moved... and then repeated the error with #5. :-O

    #9 can't be burned... the light was so contrasty that it is simply very blown in the background, even when I edit the RAW file I can only get a little of it back.

    Thanks for the feedback, so much appreciated!

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