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Love your siggy pic!
Just wondering where you found the oversized ornaments? I've seen them all over ILP, but haven't seen them in any stores around here.

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thanks!!!!!! I'm in serious edit mode right now, that was the second one I edited from the bunch I took on Sunday. Wink

I got the ornaments for $4 at Target. Sweet, huh? I was psyched to find them there.

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Sweet indeed!! I too noticed your siggy pic and was wondering where I could pic me up a few of those. Me thinks a trip to Target is in order this afternoon...

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I noticed your picture too and thought it was a really great shot of all your kids. And they are all looking at you and looking happy at the same must be Christmas magic!

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love the pic Gwen...all 4 looking at the camera AND holding the ornaments...what did you bribe them with to stay like that? Smile

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those are GREAT props, Gwen! I can't wait to see the rest of the images from this shoot. You really got some winners!

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I almost started a thread to complement your siggy pic, luckily I saw this first! It is really great. Your kids look adorable!:D