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Had a thought

Would anyone be interested in participating in a series showcasing one of us each week? You would answer questions about yourself and your photography and share some images you have taken.

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I would love to read about everyone! I think it's a great idea!

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Sounds like fun to me! I know I'm not participating as heavily right now, but I would enjoy finding out more about everyone too.

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It sounds very similar to our stickied "introductions" thread, actually?

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I'm thinking a lot more in-depth than the intro sticky. One person at a time, lots of photos, etc...

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I'd be game. I typically haven't had time for posting except on the weekends. So if we do, can we start the news week fri, sat, or sun?

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I'm in

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Count me in too! Someone may need to give me a nudge on FB if it's my turn as sometimes I forget to check in here.

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Sounds fun!

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Love it!

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Sounds like a lot of fun to me too. Biggrin


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Great idea!

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I will see about putting something together. Maybe we'll do this monthly, and get started the 1st of April?

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I'm game Smile

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I'd be interested once I am back to posting regularly