Halloween Costume

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Halloween Costume

OK ... If I ever get to pick any costume in the world for me on Halloween, this is what I would choose. Check it out!


And while we're at it ... how 'bout we make this thread to share pictures of our kids/friends/family in costume (past or present)!


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Oh wow that's great!

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That is the best costume ever!

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Ha - that guy has a lot of time on his hands... lol

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Holy cow! Yeah, that looks like a LOT of work, but what an awesome costume!

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That is great! We don't do Halloween here so nothing to share

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That is great! I have a brother- and sister-in-law who would take that on as a challenge to create if they had time. Every year they make the most elaborate costumes; she sews them up 4-6 weeks before Halloween, and he cuts and paints portions of them... I wish they'd make this one for me! Smile