Halloween ~CC Welcome!

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Halloween ~CC Welcome!

Any CC welcome, I'm dying to learn! Please excuse the poor excuse for a watermark, I only did it fast because for Jackson's birthday on Friday, MIL had brought prints of MY PICTURES to give to family and poorly printed them all. Made me sooo mad, of course she didn't ask.

I think I did these Shutter Priority because I can't quite keep up with my kid and manual yet. I'm trying though. I have finally learned to sharpen for the web though, yeay!

Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
Aperture: f/1.4
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 100
Exposure Bias: +1/3 EV
Flash: No Flash


And don't mind the vignette on this one, I realized once loading it to flickr that it's a little much. Or is it? Thoughts?


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They're both very good....the first one is wonderful. Good composition, color...excellent clarity. Like the tilt on this. Sweet shot...excellent job!

ETA: Yes. I agree that the vignette is too much on the 2nd one.

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WOW! those look GREAT! Oh and he is SO cute! I LOVE the 1st one as Amber said, I love the comp!

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what a cutie! love the first ...

I wouldn't have gone wide open on these though ... I would have upped the ISO so you could have closed the AP some and prevented the blurry hand on the second. but I totally love his happiness in the second shot! (yes, ditch the vignette, it's not needed anyway)

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Oh so cute!

Love #1

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Thanks girls! Thanks Gwen, I'll have to remember that. I think I need to start preparing for my shots a little more so I'm not so frantic during them. And I'm so sad that I'm already itching for an upgrade, because if I put my ISO above 400 I get crazy noise Sad

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What a cutie! I don't care for the vin on either - I just don't like the effect on lighter backgrounds - it's too obvious looking kwim? Beuatiful shots otherwise!

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LOVE the first one. The tilt looks good and you have good focus!

The ss is a little slow on #2, seeing the blurring of the hands, but he's super adorable anyways!