Hardest session ever

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Hardest session ever

The mom warned me that her son was difficult, but apparently, it's more extreme than that. I don't know if he has a "diagnosis", but he's in lots and lots of therapy, including ABA therapy which is for kids on the autistic spectrum. The first half hour I thought the kid was simply a real brat, but then she started telling me about his therapists and it made more sense. Refused to let his parents brush his hair, barely made eye contact, obsessed on the same James train the entire time, etc. I really hope she's happy with some of these, because this was the first kid that I don't feel like I connected with at any time. The bubble machine was literally what saved the day.

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I think the mom will love them. You got some great shots Smile Love #2

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Esti- Those photos are amazing, particularly if he's on the autism spectrum. What a beautiful set of pictures for mom! You are so very talented.

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You did an awesome job! She'll love them!

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ok when you start off a thread like that I was expecting just a few photos from you with limited variation but holy moly you did awesome. For sure mom will love
great job

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Wow, as always, those photos are amazing! It is so great that you managed to get so many with eye contact if he is anything close to autistic!

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I think mom will be thrilled with these! The fact that you were able to get him to look at the camera at all is amazing, you must have had a lot of patience which is what these kids need.

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Ditto. The mom will definitely love these!

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They're wonderful, Esti! As you know, I'm loving the textured pics you've been creating lately. These are all great!

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Thanx everyone. Mom is very happy with her preview on my blog and I think a bit relieved based on her FB posts. Her friends are loving them, too, so I'm guessing they know the deal with her son.

And Amy - I've been doing a lot of textured stuff for a long time, but these parents are a bit edgier (hence the wifebeater...) so I pushed it a bit more. Most of my clientele can only be pushed so far. That's why I play more on my own kids' pics than on clients. I need people to get used to something less conventional.

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I didn't realize you'd been doing it longer, sorry. But I do love them! My all-time favorites so far are the "tiny dancer" pics Smile

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These are Awesome!!!

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Esti, these are INCREDIBLE as always! I saw these on your fb and fell in love! #3 is my favorite. I am so drawn to his amazing eyes. There is something about this shot that just makes my heart go (((squeeze)))!

LOVE the texture work, especially in #6 . You really are AMAZING!


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These look great! Not at all what I expected after reading the description of the child. I am impressed as usual!

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you did amazing, great captures and great eye contact, he looks so adorable in these pix

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Great job girl.

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Esti, despite the challenges, this is an amazing set! of course, it helps that he's just beautiful.

and totally OT, I wish that it was "normal" to let boys grow their hair long like that. my DH wants to practically shave Jack's head, he can't stand how long his hair is. but I want to grow it even longer. so really, I love seeing the little boys that you photograph, I can't imagine how hard it is for the moms when the hair gets cut at 3.

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Gwen - the grass is always greener. I'll tell you as a mom of a 2.5 year old with long hair, it's a PITA! You can't put bows and hairbands into it to keep it back so it's always just a big mess. Benny has beautiful hair, but I won't miss it after I cut it off in June. It's a big adjustment when we cut it because they all of a sudden look like big boys, so I'll miss my "baby", but I won't miss the hair. And this comes from the mother of a girl with hair almost till her waist - her first haircut was at 5 years old!

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coming out of lurking world to say that they look fabulous even without taking into consideration the child's diagnosis. I have a 4 1/2 year old in my pre-k class that we just got screened this week for therapy and I can tell you that the eye contact that you got in those pictures is FABULOUS! The syptoms you described are very typical of a child with autisum. I can not imagine trying to photograph Jonas (the child in my class) and it's funny you should mention the bubble machine b/c Jonas adores bubbles as well. GREAT JOB!!!!!

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These are fantastic! Too bad you didn't know in advance, my students with Autism are actually my favorite children I work with at school...but it helps to know what to expect with them and be able to plan for that situation.

#1 and #2 are my fav of the bunch. Not a fan of the processing in the next to last one. I don't mind the texture, but I do mind that it's making it hard to see him.

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I've dealt with many of the same issues with my son. When I took him to have his photo made a year ago, I left the studio in tears because he was so hyper. It was all I could do to keep him from trashing the props. The pics were only so so. Fortunately, we've made tremendous progress since.

These pictures are gorgeous. You've captured the essence of who this child is while really highlighting his gorgeous hair and eyes. I love the pouty shot best personally, but they're all beautiful.

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I would be over the moon happy with these pics! What a beautiful little boy! (I thought he was a little girl at first tho!)