Have you guys seen this? Baby photographer on Today Show

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Have you guys seen this? Baby photographer on Today Show

I know I don't post here much anymore, but I just saw this on Yahoo! Buzz http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/92999?fp=1

This baby photographer takes pictures like a million other photographers and while they are really very, very good, the Today show is acting like she made it up! lol. Not the photographer's fault of course and good for her for getting noticed, but I thought it was funny how little the Today Show understood it. On another note, if she really is getting high volume searches, those of you who do infant photography like this might want to add her name to your website somehow, lol Wink

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Wink Ooooohhh, how innovative! I wish some of us we that talented! :roll:

ETA, her stuff was amazing. I just like to hate. Wink

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Yes, my mom called me this morning to tell me it was coming up. I already have Tracy as one of my flickr contacts so I've seen her work. She's wonderful!

What's funny is right at the end of the segmant, she slips "flickr" out. Like subliminally telling people to find her work on flickr. LOL

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Yeah, I really enjoy looking at her stuff. She does make it look so easy.

Who knows, maybe it will drum up more business for nb photographers! That would be awesome.

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Ohh yeah I've had Kelley Ryden as a favorite for a long time.. I didn't know her sister was in on it with her. I recognized those pictures right away..! I'd kill to take one of her newborn posing classes.