head swap? and a few pics of JMKs

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head swap? and a few pics of JMKs

Anyone up for a PS challenge? I'm TERRIBLE at head swaps, but I took a few pictures of JMKs tonight, and would be THRILLED with a picture of the 3 of them together if I could just swap my youngest's head. Anyone Anyone?? I'll send you the full res files! Smile

Also, here are a few of the ones I got. Not perfect, but 3 kids 4 years and under are tricky, so I'm happy with the ones I got.

110721_0346 by laberglund, on Flickr

110721_0160 by laberglund, on Flickr

110721_0003 by laberglund, on Flickr

110721_0492 by laberglund, on Flickr

110721_0313 by laberglund, on Flickr

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I'll give it a go if you like.


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Thanks for the offer Cazz. One of my friends took care of it for me, and did a fabulous job. I'll post it here in a little while.

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just wanted to say that your girls are beautiful and that you got some wonderful shots!

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LOVE your processing here! Can't wait to see the new edit!

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Here's the headswap done by a friend of mine. It's not perfect--I'll have to go in and do some minor retouching, but I'm super pleased that I got a picture with all 3 girls looking, and the older two with nice smiles! It's a first for me. Smile