headed to the beach tomorrow.. any tips

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headed to the beach tomorrow.. any tips

I'm going to a gorgeous beach here tomorrow afternoon / sunset ish to take some pix of Liam for his 6 month b-day and also get some landscape/scenery shots. The sun sets about 5:30. I'm thinking of getting there around 3:30 to start with Liam and then finish up with the landscape

There are lots of large rocks I can use for open shade for him if needed. But any tips anyone can give me so I make it worth my while. maybe for the sunset beach shots. If you want to google the beach its "el matador" in Malibu. Its my favorite beach and I've always wanted to have prints of it for my walls..

TIA!! I'm so excited I can't wait, I just need to figure out how to check the tide and make sure its not high tide

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The sun will probably still be pretty harsh at 3:30, I would only plan on an hour of shooting to be honest. Are you taking an adult helper?

Bring a REFLECTOR, baby wipes to wipe sand off the face, stroller and snacks for when he melts down.

I can't wait to see what you do with this. Good luck...

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Whatever you do, do not change lenses at the beach! Don't want any sand getting inside your camera. Have a great time. Can't wait to see your photoshoot.