Headshot Pics from Today - pic heavy

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Headshot Pics from Today - pic heavy

Had another headshot session today. A 14 yr old boy. He was really fun to shoot....he knew how to naturally change his expression and gave me tons of range. I went back to my new favorite spot for headshots...Santa Monica - the Promenade and the Pier. Hope it's not a bad thing to use the same locations over and over...I just haven't found any good new places recently.

IMG_7308 copy web

IMG_7361 copy web

IMG_7923 copy web

IMG_7768 copy web

IMG_7406 copy web

IMG_7678 copy web

IMG_7631 copy web

IMG_7746 copy web

IMG_7806 copy web

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#'s 3 and 9 are my faves!

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Is this boy also in the show bussiness? He sure know how to pose! My favorites are 3, 4 & 6.

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WOW! How old is this boy? He doesn't look too much older than my Loli, but dang, he is so much more expressive for the camera!

Great, GREAT, G*R*E*A*T job!

I think my favorites are #3 and #8. I love the expressions you caught, color, focus, and exposure look spot on and he just looks "all boy" in them.

Maybe I can convince DS to give something like this a try? You've inspired me to find out. Smile


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I like 3 and 6 best! But they are all great Smile

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wow those are great, I love them all, he's great with the camera too

and I love your locations!! I'm a little partial to them since I live there Blum 3
I love when you use the pier, I want to take Alana down there and get some pix

There is a swing set that has the ferris wheel and pier in the background that I love, I have to wait until winter when there are less people there

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#1 I think you could brighten more.
#2 looks like the flower is growing out of his head
the rest look a bit magenta to me.. I do need to recalibrate though.

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Amber, you are rocking the headshots! that kid looks like he was fun to work with. the only one that bugs me is the flower one - just doesn't look right coming out of his head. #3 is my favorite, what a good looking boy!

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Thanks for the comments everyone.

The flower one would never work for a headshot...and I knew that when I took it. It was just a fun one for me. See...he's like the stem. It's just a silly shot. I wanted him to look as boy as possible with this little flower behind him.

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He IS good at posing, look at him! These are some amazing shots. I really wish we had somewhere like that nearby. #4 & #8 are my favs.