Heavy Metal Concert and a Trip to the park

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Heavy Metal Concert and a Trip to the park

We went to see Megadeth and Slayer in melbourne last weekend. Megadeth were good but the lead singer of slayer had no voice so all their songs were instrumentals so to speak.

Photo ops weren't great either because of where we were sitting so I have only 4 to share and they aren't the best.

Then on saturday we went to a park with the doggies for a walk it was actually a lovely day, blue sky's nice weather.

SOOC but sharpened for web

And I took this image I am still not sure if its a good image so I'd love opinions on this one

and I did this conversion.... any opinions welcome

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Totally headbanging with #2!!

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Cool concert pics. Love the head banging one! My fav is the last one of the concert!

The park pics are great. Wish I could make plants look interesting like that! You do so good with that!

As for that last photo- it doesn't do much for me. The edit looks scary though!

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"Melvin76" wrote:

Totally headbanging with #2!!


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Megadeth and Slayer are still touring?! Those guys must be ancient! I'm surprised that guy didn't throw out his neck with the headbanging going on. ROFL Bummer that you weren't able to get better shots, but the ones you did get are fun.

I'm loving the first flower. the second one is interesting, what is it? and the third one doesn't do anything for me, although I do like the sky in it. that's a very difference conversion there!

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I love 2! That is such a cool photo! I love the first flower, you take such good flower shots, Im jealous!