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It seems when I edit my pictures, I make their faces bright. Like glowing. I hate it and I don't know what exactly I am doing. Sometimes they need to be brightened a bit but it is like a little bit automatically kicks it up a LOT. And if your wb is off, can you add in somewhat of a skin tone to the picture afterwards? Any help?

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How are you brightening the pics? I normally brighten pics first through ACR if needed, then do a levels layer and a curves layer in PS.
You can also edit the WB in ACR as well. Are you shooting in RAW?

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Hard to know what's going on without example images and perhaps an exact step by step example of one of your photo edits.

If possible, post an SOOC and an edit with a PTE and we could help better.

Editing can fix just about anything if you know what to do and have a powerful enough photo editing tool. What editing program do you use? Are you shooting JPEG or RAW?

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I agree with Amber. If you post samples and your setting. I am sure someone here can help.