help again speedlight

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help again speedlight

sorry hope you don't mind my silly questions haha

I have the Nikon D60 so I was looking at my options which speedlight to get. I was thinking the sb-600 but there are some compatibility issues that since I don't understand yet I'm not sure if they are big problems or what I should do.
After a google search with my camera and sb-600 I came across this a few times:

no commander mode
no i-ttl

:eek: huh?? can someone dumb it down for me or point me to a good resource

also does anyone know any good websites/books that explain how speedlight (or I guess the canon speedlite since concept should be the same) works and how you can use it to acheive natural photos

thanks again

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bumping just incase someone who knows the answers missed this Smile

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I'm a Canon girl, so I don't know much about the Nikon speed lights. A good place of reference is

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thanks, I forgot about that site,

does canon have the same terminology with regards to commander mode and i-ttl
I just don't know if not having these functions is something I should worry about

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TTL means through the lens and you want that, it is the mode that lets you use your flash on "auto" (ie. it measures the available light "through the lens" same way your camera meters then adjusts the flash output accordingly). Not sure about the "i" part of it though. Canon has e-ttl which stands for evaluative through the lens so the flash is metering using the same method as your camera does on evaluative metering mode (ie. same method of averaging out the light in the scene) so I *think* maybe it is something like that. If it has TTL but not i-TTL I wouldn't stress about it but TTL is very useful.

The commander mode is what allows you to use OCF I assume but I know nothing about Nikon either so I'm clutching at straws.

Try googling the flash unit you're looking at, or looking on the Nikon website for a manual for it and reading up on what those features actually do for you.