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Help - CWB

I tried resetting my custom white balance while out yesterday. I shot in a few different areas with different lighting and reset custom white balance without a problem. Went to reset in afternoon and came across a problem.

1. Took photo with focus point over white
2. Opened menu and selected set custom white balance.
Normally the photo comes up and I press set, then go in to white balance and set to CWB.

This time, when I tried to open 'set custom white balance' a black screen came up with "busy, please wait." I waited till screen timed out and nothing happened. Have tried several times since, shooting in different modes, different lighting etc and I cannot set custom white balance. It keeps saying "busy, please wait".

Any suggestions? Please Smile

ETA: I am using a Canon 60D

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I have zero experience with a custom white balance right now (on my list of things to someday learn and do! ;)), so I hope someone can help you out!! I'm looking forward to what people say!