Help, I actually have a real session coming up!

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Help, I actually have a real session coming up!

Ugh! I feel out of my depth. I know that my work is good enough to consider taking on sessions for PB. This shoot will be after I get back off my vacation, sometime after the 19th Sept.

My hubby has an old school friend who is a musician and his band need some promo shots. I think the things that are worrying me is that they are adults (posing wise) and that they mostly want white backdrop stuff. I do have a large white seamless, so no problem there. My living room faces the wrong way and the light is pretty poor. I hope the weather will be good enough to perhaps use my garage instead. Other than that, I have 1 speedlight and a white shoot through umbrella, lol! I am hoping I can talk them into some outdoor shots.

There are 4 of them, 3 men, 1 woman. Does anyone have posing suggestions. I have already spoken with dh's friend and asked him to look through mags and things for poses they like and bring them with him a few days before the shoot. I have also been looking on Flickr and google images, but they all seem really boring. All standing in a line. I can do that, but how can I make their shoots stand out above all the others?

Thank goodness they are old, old friends and are very aware that I have never shot anyone outside my own family so am a bit nervous.

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Wow, that's a tough one. I have no ideas, but I will be on the lookout for you! I am sure you will rock it! KUP okay? Make sure you post them once you are finished!

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OH that sounds like fun! But yes I would be a nervous wreck too. I have no posing ideas. Well I do but have no idea how to explain. I would just look at other bands. Look at some popular bands and their poses, etc. I don't know. Sounds like fun though and I wish you luck. Smile can't wait to see what you come up with!

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My only suggestion with poses is to look thru flickr. I bet you'll rock this session. I think my only problem with people I don't know is instructing them. I get to be a bit shy.

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I second the flickr option ... and use the garage since you can definitely let in more light that way.

see if you can find anything on ILP too, especially about posing adults.

that's a great learning opportunity, I hope we get to see results!

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I know you are going to do GREAT!!! What kind of band?

If you know the type of music, maybe you could google that genre and look at album cover designs, etc. Lots of bands put their group photos on their album covers (at least on the back).


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No ideas or suggestions, just GOOD LUCK!!! What a neat opportunity Smile

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No ideas. You are going to do FABULOUS though!