Help me make this better

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Help me make this better

I really like this image, but CC all commented on noise. One person commented "I wish it were a true silhouette." I gave it another go, but am not sure if it is any better. Here is a SOOC, my original edit and a new edit. Please help me out!

Original Edit

New Edit

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Looks true enough for me. It is beautiful Biggrin

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You know I read that comment and I don't know what makes it "not true" ?? I think the second edit looks a lot better noise wise Smile

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I love it! I think it's perfect!

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I like your new edit, but I gotta say ... I really like the crop in the SOCC. It would make a great example for our 'negative space' assignment. And I think it creates a real dramatic effect.

With that said, I think your new edit looks really good.


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I have nothing to add about the editing but I just had to say that I really like the shot!!

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I'm really digging the SOOC too. I think you captured a great moment.

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I too REALLY love the SOOC even though he is almost centered....I do think the new edit looks much less noisy now though, so good work Smile

I'm assuming that the reason Amber said it wasn't a "true silhouette" was that you can see a bit of detail of the clothes on his arm/body (which I saw on my home laptop which is extra-bright, but not here at work).....or maybe because he is not turned completely sideways?

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Right Amy...I said it wasn't a true silouhette because it looks gray on my computer, with all the detail of his hat and back, I see his ear, etc...instead of black like a silouhette should look.

New edit is better in all aspects.

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hmm...weird...i must not be calibrated properly or something because I don't see the grey or the detail in his shirt. It looks black to me? I just calibrated too. Or so I thought. :-?

eta: oh wait. I think I see a little of what you guys are talking about. Hmm...

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perhaps my screen is calibrated too bright. I dunno. May be time for me to re-calibrate.

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Thanks everyone. I don't want to appear ungrateful for the CC... I just needed clarification to understand it better Smile Thank you everyone!

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I'm not seeing the details on him in the SOOC, and I'm recently calibrated (AND my screen is brighter than I'd like it to be when I compare to my prints).

I'm really loving this, and I think the colors look great on the new edit.

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I just love this one!

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I know that our laptop is way too bright. I can see his arm/skin/ear there, but not on my other computers. The only photo where it's obvious is the "original edit".

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I am not seeing any colour on his shirt, and I really thought my brightness was pretty high on my monitor. (how do you Calibrate a monitor?)

I the 2nd edit looks great.

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I love the re-edit! Looking at that pic makes me wish I had one just like it of my little guy!