Help needed: new monitor

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Help needed: new monitor

DH got us a new monitor that is supposed to be especially good for photo editing. Today is the first time I've used it for editing purposes, and I'm having a hard time with knowing which monitor is more accurate at this point. The new one looks awesome to me with images SOOC, but the contrast seems higher than what I'm used to, so I'm not sure if it's right. I edited this image with both monitors, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me which looks more 'right' to them. Colour is the same in both as it looked the same to me on screen. Mostly it's just a difference regarding contrast.

Laptop monitor:
IMG_0984a_old monitor

New monitor:


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The one on the new monitor looks better to me. The contrast actually looks less to me on the new monitor. I'm not calibrated, but I would say I'm pretty close without the calibration profile, and I feel like the color/saturation/contrast is less on the new monitor, and looks best.

I will be really interested to see what everyone else thinks Smile

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I'd say something in between both images would be perfect. The top image has a touch too much contrast and the bottom looks a bit too flat.

It's hard to say. Do you lean towards more color or less?

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I agree. Top pops more but just a tad too much and bottom needs just a bit more punch.:) I love that you get your camera out in the grocery store by the way!

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I agree that the bottom one needs more contrast. However, the top one doesn't look too contrasty to me. I may just prefer more contrast though.

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I agree that the laptop one has more contrast and color, and I think somewhere in the middle would be perfect LOL.

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Amber, I definitely lean towards more colour, not less. I like your style of editing, where the colours seem to really pop, but the contrast is never too much either.

I'll play with the contrast on the new monitor and see if I can get it a little more 'in between' the two. Good to hear that most everyone agrees that it needs to be somewhere in between... that helps a ton, thanks so much!

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I am curious, what brand/model is your new monitor?

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I agree w/ pp that somewhere in the middle seems to be the spot to shoot for. I like the clean edit on the bottom - it just needs a tad more punch to make it spot on for me.

Have fun w/ the new monitor!


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I agree with everyone else- RIGHT in the the middle! Smile