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Help please!

So Im trying to stick to my word and jump on in here and post and share more often. So here's a picture I took tonight during bath time!
I like it, but something seems "off" but Im not sure what. haha. If you guys could just comment on colour, exposure, focus...well, just anything I guess! I'm really new to this, and I'm still not really sure what I'm doing right or wrong! lol


1/180 f/4.0 iso 200 flash fired

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Color and light and focus look great to me, only thing is the pinlights from the flash...super-cute shot though! white balance is hard in most bathrooms but it looks like you had NO trouble at all! Smile

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I am wanting to see a bigger version. This version doesn't seem off to me though. Like Amy said, your WB looks pretty good here. Bathroom shots tend be really yellow, and you don't have that going on.

Love her expression with her tongue. Smile

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Yep, looks good to me, bathrooms are HARD, lol! I almost always convert mine to B&W to cover a multitude of sins, lol!

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looks pretty good to me too! so adorable!