Help Please! Sunflare opinions/want to play?!

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Help Please! Sunflare opinions/want to play?!

I am trying to get this gallery up for someone by Wednesday. What would you do about this sunflare? Keep it in the bottom right corner? Do people like that? Or crop in? What about the feathering on the sunlight? Should I try to fix that or leave it?

Any plays MORE than welcome! This is SOOC except WB.


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I'd leave everything as is except that misshapen flare on the bottom right. I'd do a mixture of crop (to better honor rule of thirds) and clone out the rest of the flare.

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Thank you SO much Amber!

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I agree...i do however like the crop as is but it may be hard to clone out that much grassy whichever works better to get rid of the bottom right glare

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I like Amber's suggestion. I can't wait to see what you come up with Smile

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LOVE it! I agree with Amber. It's a great shot Kristen!

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I'd crop out the big flare on the right, too. I think the composition would look fine with the crop.

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It's so funny (odd) how it's shaped just like the male symbol O-> lol! Looks like an easy crop/clone fix.