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Help with PP

I took this picture of my friend and her niece this weekend and she is in love with it. The hand chop bothers me sooo bad but she loves it.. I have PP'd it to the best of my ability but not sure if it could be better since I still have a lot to learn with CS5? Also, I cant seem to find a middle ground with brightness, either I edit too bright or too dull.. I think this maybe a little to bright. What would you do?

CC is also really apprecitated, thanks ladies Smile

ISO 200
Focal Length 45mm


My edit
Amy and Eva

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Yes, your edit looks too bright to me. I wouldn't touch your friend's skin....only the little girl needs brightening.

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Aww, what a sweet moment! I agree, it's the little girl that needs adjusting. I also have CS5, and I also have no clue how to use it! Well, I know a little bit. I think you can use the selection tool, either the lasso or the magic wand, and then make a levels or curves adjustment on just her. And please somebody step in if I am wrong! I am just assuming that's what you'd do, but there might be a much better way to correct it. Smile

Also, you could try a tighter crop if the hand chop really bugs you, like maybe just her torso.

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I know this probably isn't correct, but I lighten just the kids face by dodging/burning tool. I have to do this a lot with Randy for some reason.

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Feels too bright and a bit desaturated all over. Would you mind letting us play to give you some ideas?

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If you want me to take it down but here is my play on it:

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I opened in ACR - added warmth and lightfill. Took down exposure and brightness. Played a tad with curves.

Opened in photoshop then played with selective colors to balance the magenta in little ones face. Also played with black tones and neutral tones.

I am one who LOVES warmth. You don't have to go as warm as I do - but on a sunny day you want a bit more warmth than you currently have.

Also added more saturation to the colors. Spring you think of BRIGHT or COLOR. De-saturation brings on a bunch of grayish tones.

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Feel free to play away anyone.
Gorgeous edit, I can see that that is so much better! Thanks for sharing what you did, I really feel like I need to get to grips with PS but it is so overwhelming!

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It's a nice moment -- sweet! PP stuff is HARD, isn't it?! Cindy's play is wonderful.

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I agree the brightness in PP is too much, no other CC to add.

Love the picture, great connection between the girls.