Help...What color do you see?

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Help...What color do you see?

So, I just calibrated both my monitors, and they look great to me...but when I printed this image the color didn't come out as I expected.

SO, could you please tell me...what color does the background look to you.

body percussion visual chart by amberbella, on Flickr


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Red, but I am not on a calibrated monitor so IDK. It's a barn-like red, not bright, but not dull.

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A shade darker than red, a shade lighter than barn-red.

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Okay, that's what I'm seeing too. On one printer it's printing orange...on the other a sort of reddish brown. Grrrrr!

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It's red-brown on mine (though more to the red side) but I'm not calibrated

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I'm seeing the darkish-red shade the first two posters mentioned. I'm not calibrated, either, though.

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I am seeing barn red.

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I, too, am seeing barn red. Though, I'm not technically calibrated.