here are her bridals...

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here are her bridals...

Here are a few of my neighbor's bridals I did for her (the one who had the backyard wedding) Wink I did not have photoshop when I did the editing and have been so busy I have not had a chance to change anything... this was also the first bridals/formals I had ever done AND I had only had my xti (going from a point and shoot!!) for about 3 months, so be easy on, but i would like feedback Wink hope I'm not over using the boards lately!! I am just REALLY wanting to make the leap to improve my photography!!





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I realy like #1 and 3. In #1 the horizon is slightly crooked, I love the dreamy feel of this. #3 is perfect as far as I can tell Smile #2 is a lovely idea, but I think the view isnt doing it for me. maybe if you would have gotten a bit in front of her. IDK

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I really like that first one ... but she needs to be brightened. maybe a screen layer in PS?

the second one looks like she's about to crack up ... but I like the setting. love the third one, just nice! the last one does nothing for me. she just looks awkward.

but that's so cool that you got out there and did these with only 3 months under your belt.

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Such a lovely model. #1 is also my fav, and I agree could use a tiny bit of brightening. I also suggest that with the last one, just to distinguish her hair from the background.