Here's my kids. :)

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Here's my kids. :)

I can NOT for the life of me get them to both look at the camera at the same time AND smile / not pick their nose / have their eyes open etc etc. So this was the best i could do. lol! Does it look to have a greeny-yellowy cast to anyone else?


And I did singles of them too. Kind of bugs me that i did them from the same side of the wall. I could have done with them being mirrors of each other instead i think.



Thanks for looking. Smile

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These are really lovely, Sarah!

As for the first one, I do see a slight green tinge, but they are sitting in grass and looking down, so that is pretty much to be expected.

I know it's frustrating to not get them both looking at you, but I have to admit that I love these kinds of photos as well. They feel more like "real life" to me; un-staged. And those are the memories I try to capture.

I like the individual shots too. Maybe you could try flipping them in photoshop to get the mirror images you were thinking about? i do it all the time to get what I want for a particular frame. As long as their clothing doesn't have any lettering on it or something else that would just look off if you flipped the image, I say go for it. Smile


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100% agree with all that GiGi said!

I really love #1 for the reasons GiGi mentioned. It's a beautiful capture of a moment between brother and sister. Some photographers I follow do very few photos of kids looking at cameras; they are often interacting with someone or with their environment, or in a pensive mood, and I just adore them all. It's a true, beautiful moment caught on camera.

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LOVE #1! Great bokeh and focus! Yes, they are a tad bit off in color, but that's a quick fix! Great shot!

I agree with GiGi too- try flipping it in PS. I think your DD is a bit out of focus. Looks like it landed more on her dress around her knee area?

pico83 (not verified)

Sarah! Your kids are beautiful and I think that first photo is absolutely perfect.

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Sarah, your kids are killing me with cuteness!!! These are just too adorable!

#1 - Yes, I see a bit of green in it. Also, it looks like you could have benefited from a reflector here. There's a little too much shadow on your little guy's face. I do love the connection that you captured here. Smile

# 2&3 - Yes, you could technically flip one of them in PP, and it's a pretty quick fix. Good job on recognizing that it would have been nice to do that. It will make you aware of it during your next shoot with them, or with someone else. Just means that you are thinking ahead of how they would look together in print. Standing poses for kids are really difficult. It's easier to get adults/older children to look more relaxed while standing because they can take direction better. But young kids tend to look kind of awkward. I like to have them sit with their back against the wall to get a more casual feel out of it. Maybe something to try next time?