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Hi! My name is Ashlee and I am a member of a few boards on here including the June 2011 and Moms of Multiples board. Anyway, my girls have a photo shoot coming up that I won through a contest and since it is in the beginning of November I figured I would get some good Christmas ones. Does anybody have some really cute ideas for 4 month old twins as far as poses? She asked me if I had any ideas and I am stumped really. Any ideas/thoughts? Thanks in advance!!!

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Hmm...that age can be difficult with photos, because they're not sitting up on their own yet. Something that I think would be adorable is if you put them on their bellies, facing each other and get some of them looking at one another.

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I'm about to photograph a 3.5 month old this weekend and i'm sorta wondering what i'm going to do too. I think on the bellies together would be cute...maybe both propped up on boppy type pillows and peeking over it into the camera, though that could prove difficult. can they sit upright if they are propped up at all? Maybe little red/white tutu's or santa outfits. I dunno if they are M/F. ? Sorry...i'll keep my eyes on this thread too for ideas!

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Hardest age in my honest opinion. I would search flickr or ILP. I don't have much advice.

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Flickr and even google images are both good places to search for ideas. It is a tough age, but I am sure you can get some good ones. I hope you'll come share with us when you have your images - I would love to see what you guys come up with.