Hi all ETA more pics in 1st post & update

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Hi all ETA more pics in 1st post & update

Been trying to post for over an hr now, but Collin is refusing to let me get it done (just had 2 teeth break in and working on 2 more!). I really wanted to share a bit about what's going on with me and to check up on what everyone is up to. Looks like All I'm gonna have time to do is post a few pics of A&A. I can't even get some of Collin on Flickr just yet. Hopefully can come back tonight for more.

DSC_3892 by daniellec.p, on Flickr

DSC_3869 by daniellec.p, on Flickr

DSC_3867 by daniellec.p, on Flickr

DSC_3859 by daniellec.p, on Flickr

So here are a few more to share:

DSC_2958 by daniellec.p, on Flickr

DSC_3224 by daniellec.p, on Flickr

DSC_3176-8mo by daniellec.p, on Flickr

DSC_3377 by daniellec.p, on Flickr

DSC_3683 by daniellec.p, on Flickr

DSC_3693 by daniellec.p, on Flickr

So Collin will be 9 Months on Sunday! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. The little booger is standing up all on his own, unassisted-- in the middle of the floor--- yeah. With A&A not walking until 14 & 15 months, it's just insane to think that my little man will more than likely be walking before he's 10 months! A&A are simply wonderful with Collin.

I have ordered some marketing materials for my business to go around town and get the word out. I know it will be slow going to start with, but I am confident that my work will speak volumes. (There aren't very many newborn specialists in town... I've actually only run across 2 others with decent work). I pretty much finished my website for now, and have made a digital welcome brochure to send to potential clients. IF you are interested in looking, you can view it here. Welcome ? Newborn Photographer Mobile, AL CC is welcome for pictures, site design/functionality, and the brochure.

I purchased a new (to me) lens! A 105mm 2.8 macro. I got a great deal on it. It just arrived 2 days ago. I used it in the first 4 pictures I posted. In love. I can't wait to really get into learning how to shoot macro. I just love me some macro newborn shots.

While I love taking pictures of my kiddos, I am wanting to start working on capturing stronger images in other areas. I just love the nature and food shots I've seen on here lately.

So that's and update on my LOs, my photography business, and where I am in my photography development journey. As far as me personally, I am enjoying being a SAHM again. I've been home with them for going on 6 weeks now. I'm not saying it's easy... Just that I missed spending time with them, and am happy to have the opportunity again. Smile

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Oh, Danielle, these are wonderful images! That last one just kills me! Love it!

I understand just how difficult it is to get on here with the kids around. Mine are all home now for summer, and things have been crazy hectic. If I don't keep them out of the house, things get ugly around here Wink Sometimes I wonder why I subject myself to taking all three out and about every day, but then I remember that (for me) it's the lesser of two evils LOL!

I hope you get a chance to catch up soon. I'd love to see some new images of Collin!

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Oh my goodness, Danielle! These are just ADORABLE! Really so wonderful, they just bring a great big smile to my face!

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It's great to see another update from you Danielle! A&A are both getting so big. I truly love #2 and #4 (they're all great but those two just grab me).

I hope you'll get a chance to post a couple of pics of Collin - I'm sure he has changed a lot in the last month.

Take care,