Hi everyone! It's been awhile :)

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Hi everyone! It's been awhile :)

Gwen gave me a little nudge to pop back in, and it's been awhile! I've had a hard time multi-tasking the last few months Wink

Things are going really great here, I'm officially in to year 2 in business, and I've learned an insane amount by trial and error (lots of oops and doh!s). I've finally found a good amount of sessions per month, a good pricing scheme and I'm delving in to weddings after assisting for 30 with another photographer over the last 2 years. I have the potential to transform our shop in to an official studio starting in the fall if all goes well.

I think that I've finally found my groove style wise, and I really want to get out there and do some crazy artistic stuff, and see if I can start a side business actually selling photo art.

Here are some of my favourite images from the last 4 months -

I'll try to pop in more often!

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Glad to see you around! Busy here too. I lurk often, but find no time to post.

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Good to see you post again, your pictures are beautiful.

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so happy you popped back by (even with a nudge). I'm LOVING the latest, especially that first wedding one. curious - how many sessions a week are you doing? and I love the idea of the photo art, that's something that I've been considering exploring myself.

sure hope that you pop in more often, I really miss seeing your posts here. I mean, I see your photography on FB, but it's nice to see it here too.

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Love your work!

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Beautiful photos! Would LOVE to seem more Biggrin

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I agree, gorgeous! Glad you checked in! Favs are the last two. Love the processing! I would love to see more of your artistic work!