Hi guys!

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Hi guys!

Hi! I made a page for my photography!
Does anyone else on here have one? I know a few of you that do, and I have "liked" your pages. I just dont seem to be able to keep up over here! lol But Im on fb alot and would like to stay connected if you dont mind sharing your pages with me! Ill keep popping in and out here, as this is where I learned everything I know!

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I "liked" you. I have a page but it's linked to my FB page. I need to make a standalone group page for my photography ... but not until after I get an actual website.

search "g photography" and you should be able to find my group page.

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I need to do this... I am no in business, but would love a photography page Smile I will "like" you.

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I hit "like" for your page today too Smile I am not in business either, but like Beth, I think it'd be fun to have a FB page just for that, and maybe I'd get more requests for pictures from friends... I have had a website for my pics for ages now and in the past few months I moved them all to Wix.

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I 'liked' you Smile I don't have a facebook page yet either, but I'm thinking of putting one up once I get my website up. I will not be in business yet, but skill building. I think I will get more practice with a fb page.

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I have thought about a facebook page but HATE what FB does to the images when I have uploaded them. Is it better with a stand alone page than it is when adding photos to albums?