Hi! I'm back and CC for shoot (pic heavy)

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Hi! I'm back and CC for shoot (pic heavy)

Hi ladies! So sorry I've been MIA for a while. We've had a lot going on. I'll update all that on another thread. I hope I am not being too much of a terrible, selfish brat by popping back on and asking for some CC...but her it is anyway. Wink

My best from high school is getting married and had their engagement photos done and were very unhappy with them. I told her to tell the photographer but she didn't want to and asked if I would try to take a few. I was happy for the practice and told her I made NO promised! Smile We went out to one of my favorite places here called Red Rocks Amphitheater. There are quite a few bc I couldn't narrow it down anymore.

Let 'er rip ladies!

I really am not crazy about the first two here, but she was "in love" with them, so I thought I would include.

ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/320, 48 mm

(same as above)

ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/60, 55 mm

and its conversion

this was another she liked and I wasn't crazy about
ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/400, 36 mm

ISO 400, f/4, 1/320, 50 mm

ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/400, 37 mm

ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/200, 34 mm

ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/250, 37 mm

ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/200, 27 mm

ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/250, 21 mm

Ok, yeah, sorry that was a lot. Smile

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1. I actually really like this photo. The framing is great. Yes, they are a bit hard to spot, but I think you did a great job on this one.
2. The rail in between them is pulling me away. I think #1 is better than #2.
3. LOVE this one. I think he might be a bit red though. Or maybe it's just a bit contrasty? Something with the color is off, but I love the pose and how close they are. I like it better in color though.
4. not too fond of this one either. Maybe with a closer crop?
5. LOVE. Great focus!
6. Wish both of them were all in the pic. I think that's what's throwing me off on this one.
7. I LOVE this one too! I think it's a great pic!
8. I know what you were going for here, but I think your position wasn't working. He looks really uncomfortable. I think you needed to be higher up.
9. At first I wasn't fond of this, but I looked at it again, and I think it's great! Jealous of you not blowing the sky like i always do!
10. the color here is amazing and I LOVE this location. I wish we could see them a bit better though.

You rocked this! I am being serious! I would be completely happy with your work!

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These are really great, awesome work! Just a few quick comments.

I love the third one, very nice.

For the fifth one, I wonder about cloning out that one rock on the ground. It draws my eye. Otherwise I think it's cool and I like the conversion.

#6 with the ring is great, love the 'dance' pose. They just look a touch red.

LOVE #8.

#9 just seems a bit of an off angle somehow. He looks like he's sloped downward. But great pose and nice smiles.

#10 is very nicely done.

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I think they are great, and I think you've already gotten some good CC. I didn't even see that rock Tracy until you mentioned it, but now I can't look away. Lol

The only thing I want to add is that I would have liked to see his head not cut off in the dance pose & with the I said yes pic. But I would be totally happy with these too. Great job!

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I think you got some good advice. The shots are great, I would like to see #5 in colour though. It's so wonderful you got to help your friend out with this.

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I haven't read any of the other CC, so I'm sorry if I repeat!

#1 - They get a little bit lost in this one. I think I would have been inclined to put them in the center of the opening, or even off to the side slightly, just not up against the wall. If the opening was a little smaller, I think having them against the wall would work a little better. I think the processing is nice! They're a little bright, but I don't think they're TOO bright.

#2 - I like their placement, except for the railing behind her. Try dodging the shadow on the ground, because it's distracting me a little. Nice conversion!

#3 - Real cute! I think I would have liked to see her legs down, so as to not cut the line of sight with her off. The edit looks a bit too contrasty or it has too much clarity. I'd like it just a little bit softer. Not real soft, because of the setting they're in, but just a little bit more. Maybe it's too much sharpening?

#4 - Like the conversion!

#5 - If she likes it, then good. I'd clone out the rock on the ground on CL. I think I'd like it in color, cause I feel like they blend in too much with the rock in b&w.

#6 - Looking red. Probably a cast from the rocks. I'd tone that down a little bit, and bring down the highlights on her hand so that her ring sticks out a little better.

#7 - The highlights are bright on their hands in this one as well. It's a shame the hand is copped off Sad

#8 - Adorable! If I'm getting nitpicky, I just wish his whole head was in the shot.

#9 - It's a little tight, and he looks a little uncomfortable.

#10 - Love it! Could you bright out the blue in the sky a little more?

#11 - They're a little small. I made this mistake once with a barn. I put them right up against it, and you couldn't even see them. What I wish I would have done was brought them far away from it, and focused on them, with the barn in the background looking a little smaller and less imposing. It's crooked, but that's an easy fix.

I hope I don't sound harsh in these, because they're wonderful! I know you're ready for the nitpicky stuff, so I'm giving it to you Smile Overall, I'd tone down the highlights. They're looking a little too bright in most of them. I love the feel of the processing you did with the setting that you used, so don't change it too much. Just work on their skin and leave the rest.

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I really like this set. I love all the comps and think #1 is cool just the way it is. I think the rock Tracy mentioned in #5 is just a natural part of the ground and adds to the ruggedness which seems to be the whole emphasis of that photo to begin with (showing mainly just their jeans and boots).

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Ok, same with Sadie's, on my phone they're not neatly as bright. I'll check the calibrated monitor when I get a chance.

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What a wonderful set! I know your friend must love these all!

I have actually been to this place (before Logan was born) and you have really used the environment well! I love the feel you captured and I'm sure the happy couple must as well.

I love #3/#4, but they do look a bit high on the contrast - I notice it especially in her face. LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot though.

I really adore the "I said yes" photo! My only advice for future reference would be to have her remove all other rings. This is about the engagement (& the engagement ring). I love the light in her eyes. You can FEEL her happiness here. Great job!

You've gotten lots of great feedback, so I'm going to leave it at this for now.

WTG on getting back on the camera! I hope you have lots more to share!


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Ok, some still look a bit bright on the calibrated screen, but much better than on the laptop. I should keep my mouth shut unless I'm on the right computer Wink

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Gah!! You all are awesome. Thank you for the great feedback. I feel like I've "grown up" a little bit in that I was totally excited to hear everything you guys had to say instead of feeling attacked. Lol! I finally do understand how this all makes me better!!!

Anyhow, there were so many things that I didn't see that you guys brought up. I knew that there was something bothering me about the rail, but I kept thinking I was being crazy and after the rock, I couldn't stop seeing that like it was glowing!! Here are a couple of adjustments that I made. Some we unrepairable because, while I'm getting better at backing up, I needed to go further on a couple. Any better or worse?

This one is a little further up, is this any better? I maybe like the feeling/expression in this better

No head chop? better? I cooled it just a bit too.

This one was a replication of a pinterest pose she sent so that's why the heads are not there. I do like the "feeling" this one gives, idk, maybe its egocentric goggles Smile I do think I like it better without the handchop. ?

Removed the rock and is it better with a verticle crop?

And I softened this one a little, is it enough?

Thanks again for all of your coments-it really feels awesome to be back!! This is going be a great distraction for my TWW too!! Smile

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I do like how there is more room in #1 of the second set. Though I still think he looks uncomfortable. I'm not sure why that is, though. Maybe it's just him.

Yay for no head chop on #2 Smile

Without going back to the 1st page and looking at the first go at #3, I'm thinking that this one looks too contrasty. The blacks look clipped. But yes, I do like that there is no hand chop. Do you have any more room CL? It's chopped at his wrist. If not, that's ok!

I like the vertical crop! It really brings my eye to them more than the horizontal.

Nice job on softening the last one!

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Just some quick cc as I need to get going but I really like the whole feel/style of #5 but think it would look better in color. In #8 I wouuld have liked if she was kissing either him or his cheek eyes shut and still holding the sign. LOVE the location overall good job!!!