Hi ladies =)

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Hi ladies =)

I just want to apologize for not being around lately. I was on vacation for 6 weeks in the USA and I had a great time. I've been back for a week now but I have been having laptop problems. It decided to crash on me unfortunately Sad I am very sad about that BUT I am very happy that I had ALL my pictures and important files backed up onto another hard drive. Smile woohoo! Remember to back up your files, in a couple different places if possible, because you never know when your computer might quit on you! :eek: scary!

I haven't really been in a photography mood lately either. This month marks my one year anniversary with my camera (if you want to see some sort of progress post let me know Blum 3 ). I have not gotten as good as I hoped and as some of you ladies have gotten. Smile (way to go!) I don't have room in my house for a studio so I won't be getting any good at THAT for awhile Wink Anyway, I hope to be sharing photos in the near future of what I have started lately. I am going to be making a small box of some sort to photograph them. Smile I have been using my P&S a lot lately. Oh well! I have been on here a little bit every day to see where everyone has gotten though. Smile I am seeing lots of great stuff!! I also lost all my photography bookmarks Sad If you care to share any with me that would be great and I would appreciate it. (like the shooting in full sun link from ILP) Smile

thanks for reading! i hope you will be patient with me for a bit longer. Stacey seems to be doing a great job as your mod! Wink I have no idea when I will be getting my laptop back. I am going to set up our second computer but I'm not quite sure how it's working these days. Smile I'm using DH's computer right now but when he comes home after work he usually hogs it.


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welcome back Biggrin i hope u had a great time!!
im so sorry about your laptop tho Sad
Happy photo-versary! i would love to see your progress! always inspires me Biggrin

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Loida, welcome back! I've been keeping an eye on you via FB. Wink

my year came and went and I never did a thread. I do look back on older photos and see some progress. I'm sure you will see the same thing when you look at older photos.

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Glad to have you back! I would also love to see your progress! I bet you will see improvement when you get them all in one place. Sorry to hear about your laptop! That is a major bummer!

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Of course we want to see your progress. I know you had an awesome journey! I can't wait to see more from you.

Welcome back!

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thanks... Smile i am going to try to slowly come back and post more but i have lots of stuff to do still here at home. And my DH just fixed my laptop but i have some major reorganizing to do on it. Not fun... Smile