Hi ladies ... I have a Few for CC

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Hi ladies ... I have a Few for CC

Wow I was Reminded Today how hard it is to take pictures of a moving baby.... This was the best of the bunch. She is 2months today
natural lighting
AV mode 400iso

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She is such a beautiful baby!!! Really like the light, I would just crop it a little more off centre. Smile

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So Sweet1

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I think they are good! I like the angles. The only thing (being nit picky here) is the "B" kinda distracts me.

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I think they're adorable too, although the print is a tad distracting, and the top corner of the first pic looks very bright. But I love them!

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I agree that the background is a bit distracting. But these are so cute! She certainly is a doll!

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I'm going against the flow - I really like the bright busy background - it seems so appropriate for that age when they're all wiggly and squirmy and really starting to interact with you.

She looks great and these photos are really nice. I'm at work on a terrible monitor, but they look just a tad under exposed here. Great catchlights though!

TFS - she is growing way too fast.


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She's precious! Great light in her eyes!