Hi from the new girl on the block :o)

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Hi from the new girl on the block :o)

I'm Sheribeari. I am new to this group and still a novice photographer. I am learning every day and look forward to getting the C&C from y'all so I can continue to grow.
Here are just a few of the shots I have taken...

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Most of your photos aren't showing up right now, but glad to have you here!

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Welcome to the group! Smile

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:wavehello: Welcome!

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Hi, and welcome Smile

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Hello, welcome to the board Smile

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I can see the first three photos those look wonderful! Welcome to the group.

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Are you wanting CC? I am just curious. Smile Looks like you are off to a great start! YAY for posting images and keep them coming!

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Howdy and welcome to the group!!!! I can only see your first 2 images, but those make me quite excited to see more!!! I really like your black and white conversion. Mind sharing your process?

I look forward to seeing much more.


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Welcome Smile