Hit me with your best shot! (Needing some CC PLEASE!)

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Hit me with your best shot! (Needing some CC PLEASE!)

Ok, so I am busy as ever with photo shoots. I feel like I am getting more and more comfortable in behind the camera, but I hope my photos are showing that. Here are a few from my last two photo shoots. I have one tomorrow as well! :eek: Where am I gonna find time to edit them all??!!?!?! Some you may have seen on FB...

1. not exact, but probably about a f/9.0, ISO-1000, 1/160

2. can't remember exact, but probably about a f/3.2, ISO-2500, 1/160

3. ISO-1000, f/7.1, 1/160

4. ISO-400, f/3.5, 1/400

5. ISO-400, f/3.2, 1/400

6. ISO-400, f/3.2, 1/400

7. ISO-400, f/3.2, 1/400 (she wanted NOTHING to do with the cake after this bite...)

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I think overall these are gorgeous!!! you are doing great!

It's hard to tell by the small size here but the first three look soft in the faces? that could very well be just from resizing or from Photobucket maybe.

#1 has foot chops but I love the posing and trees!!!
#2 is very cute
#3 the shirts look a lot brighter than in #1 but again this is a great group pose/shot.
#4 adorable, but my eye is drawn to that black line in the upper right corner--should clone that out.
#5 & 6, I am not a fan of giant headpieces on little kids but cute moments captured! I love the teal chair.
#7 face looks OOF a lot. My Eva has those same striped leggings!

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I won't give much CC, because I love them. They're warm and beautiful! The ones of the baby are super cute, but my favourite is her in the chair where you can really see her smile and that adorable tutu.

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Sadie ...

TFS such a wonderful set!!! Yes, you CAN tell that you are getting more comfortable behind the camera. You poses are more varied and your results are much more consistent! I know this family is going to be THRILLED with you. Biggrin

Here are my thoughts ...

1. the foot chop is unfortunate, but is only a minor flaw. The posing is natural and relaxed. WB looks spot on (not any blues in those whites!). Focus looks great too. There are a few blown spots in the background, but it doesn't detract from the family at all.

2. did you use noise reduction here? I can't believe you shot this at iso 2500 and have no grain to speak of! I love this and I'm sure she will too.

3. another great family shot. the slight tilt to the horizon is somewhat distracting, but only just a bit. if you can straighten it, I think it would make it even better, but if you can't, it's not too bad as is.

4. what a cutie. love the trailing line behind her. wish we had a BIT more of her face visible, but you would have had to be an ant to get any lower, I suspect. Wink

5. great tongue action! what a cutie! I love the juxtaposition of her cute, pink, frilly demeanor next to the grunge of the brick wall and torn up street.

6. this is probably my favorite! she looks adorable and you got such wonderful catch lights! I'm sure this will be a family favorite!

7. baby's face looks soft - I think focus fell on the head band. even the cake looks more in focus. too bad she didn't want anything more to do w/ the cake after this.

Really nice job here, Sadie! You are doing some awesome work and I can't wait to see some from your next session!


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Amy- I am sure the family portraits are not 100% crisp. I shot with my 50mm, 1.8 and I can't exactly NAIL the whole body ones, but I am getting better. Just need a better lens in my opinion. On #4 the black line is b/c I straightened the photo and apprently cropped some of the unstraightened part in there. THANK you for pointing that out! On #5 & 6- I am not a big fan either, but when she took her bow off, I realized why! She is quite bald, and looks boyish, just like Ruthie did!

Tracy-I appreciate the kind comments!

GiGi- thank you so much! #2- yes, definately. I posted about it, and was told to about that program and I downloaded it and FELL IN LOVE! Man oh man was I stressed after that photo shoot! #4- yes, I was on my hiney. I should have laid down, but was in the middle of the road... #5- yes, that's what I love about it too!
Wishing #7 was better....gonna work on looking at the others.

Thanks ladies so much! I appreciate the kind comments and detailed CC!

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Sadie! I think you did a fantastic job! I, too, can see that you're getting more comfortable behind the camera Smile

#1 - I feel like their faces are a bit dark. Do you think you can brighten it up any more? Maybe add a little fill light? Love the posing! Yes, you have a foot chop, but it doesn't bother me.

#2 - Very nice! Just wish there was a bit more light in her eyes.

#3 - Great pose, and the lighting looks better here. Smile

#4 - Noticed the line first thing. Easy fix.

#5 - Haha!! Love that little tongue sticking out! Cute!

#6 - My favorite of the set! Love it! Great light and nice comp!

#7 - I agree that the headband caught the focus, which is easy with a big bow like that! Too bad she didn't want to eat the cake.

Keep up the good work Sadie!!

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I can't add anything else CC wise but I can see how much you have grown, great job!!