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Honduras share

I had an AMAZING time in Honduras. I couldn't take all my pics in RAW b/c I ran out of room, but I did the best I could. Please cc. Thanks!

1) f/2.5, 1/400, ISO-100

2) f/2.5, 1/400, ISO- 100

3) Copan Ruins
f/6.3, ISO-100, 1/125

4) f/5.6, 1/50, ISO-100

5) f/2.8, ISO-100, 1/60

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Girl, you did amazing!! I love what you captured in these. Aren't you glad you took your camera along??

1. Love this one. Maybe crop a little more so he is in the left third of the photo?

2. This little girl is adorable!!

3. Such a neat opportunity to see some historic sites like this. Wish you could have backed up a bit more to get the full structure in the frame.

4. Ok, that little girl looking at the camera is just beautiful. I like this one.

5. Cool shot, I just hate these birds (personal thing!! My in-laws have one and I HATE that thing Wink ) But the colors are so vibrent, lovely!

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great catchlights!!! I think you have very nice captures here. (sorry for no more CC, really need to get off the boards). I can't wait to get a full update on how your trip went ... and you owe a check in to the scrapbook board!

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1. LOVED THIS! Those beautiful dark eyes are simply SHINING!

2. She looks a bit yellow here to me. Could be the shadows causing problems. Again, GREAT JOB of getting so much light in those dark eyes. What a beautiful girl!

3. This looks like a post card to me. AWESOME!

4. I really like the perspective here, but I wish that focus was on the little girl looking your way or that the girl in the organe striped shirt was looking toward you. But I still love this one!

5. the colors are AMAZING! I'm a bird fan and this is WONDERFUL! I feel close enough to reach out and pet it!

Must have been an INCREDIBLE trip!

Hope you get a chance to post more before August. I've missed you.