Hoping to join you ladies

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Hoping to join you ladies

I've lurked here for an age and will hopefully be joining you soon - I'm getting a new camera for my birthday this weekend (Fujifilm Finepix S602 Zoom) and hopefully starting a course too - I'll be getting a D40 or the next model up for Christmas after I complete the course - wohoo!

I'm SO excited - I love love love love love photography and used to assist a wedding photographer but I've never been able to get myself a decent camera so I've lots of shots that look rubbish on a cell phone that would've been fabby on something decent!

I've never really played with photoshop so I'm going to be studying all the tips here religiously and have to work out how to set up this computer so I can see what is really there, the settings are just basic atm and it looks terrible!

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Welcome! Can't wait to see some pics from you! Congrats on getting a new camera soon. How fun!!!

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Welcome.... you'll love it here.


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Hi and welcome! Congrats on the new camera! I think we all know how exciting that is. Smile I can't wait to see some of your stuff.

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YAY for a new camera! Can't wait to see some of your work!

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Welcome! Post away, it's the best way to learn!

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Welcome...can't wait to see your work.

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you through your journey. This is a great place to learn!

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welcome! I'm excited for you and your new camera. Can't wait to see what you get with it. Smile