Horrible "Stuido"

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Horrible "Stuido"

Thankfully I don't have to pay for school photos, but I am wondering how on earth some people make money taking photos?

The photos done for Natalie's school aren't done by a big company but an individual that owns her own studio. Anyway got the proofs today and took a good look, they are incredibly cute (that's not difficult since the subject (Natalie) is so adorable, but the focus is off on several of them, and she blew here shirt in every shot, to top it when I see "Professional" work I want to see consistency in the exposure, that's not there one picture will be dark while others are bright.

Then I get to pricing.

$45.00 for 4 - 3" x 5" photos = $12.50 each (though you can't by them solo)
$18.00 for the class photo (assuming 5" x 7" but it doesn't say)

or you can get her "Best Buy Variety Pack", this is a total joke.

$40.00 for 1 - 3" x 5" and a class photo in easel (Which I think is just a cardboard frame)
How is this a deal? Shouldn't it be $30.50 you know the value of a single 3" x 5" + class photo?

I took some really cute photos at the park with Natalie, so those are what I will be using for her Fall pictures. I will be purchasing the class photo alone from the studio and that's it.

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Yes, I don't purchase school photos. Ours are always pretty good. I feel guilty, but I am happier with me catching her being herself rather than sit and pose.

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That sounds frustrating. I bought a package of DS's school photos last year (because it was kindergarten) but I don't think I'll be doing that again. The quality wasn't very good and his eyes were out of focus. At the end of the year the school gave each student a class picture (5x7). I thought that was really thoughtful.

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I buy the photos Wink Those crappy school photos are a rite of passage LOL! Carson's pre-school pictures last year were actually really good! I don't know what that guy did to make him smile so naturally. I wish I knew his secret! I can't say that I'll be buying a ton of photos when he gets into grade school/high school photos, but I'll have to at least get the least expensive package so we can look back and laugh.

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Stephanie - I'm glad you posted that, because this post was swaying me away from buying them (even though I still have a couple years before my oldest starts school). I thought, "Why spend money on crappy quality photos?" But you're totally right! If I have to live through the shame of the poodle perm my mom made me get in 3rd or 4th grade, then my kids should have to live through those photos too! LOL. I'll probably keep the packages cheap, but I do still want them for the sake of memories. Wink

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I don't mind so much the big studio ones, I get what I expect, cheesy, rushed but always clear.
Just hate this ladies unprofessionalism (if that's even a word) in all matters.