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I was on my way home from work this afternoon and as I was driving I saw the car in front of mm slow down and then this little guy flew out the window. The car sped off before I could get a license plate number but I stopped and picked him up.

He seems to be about 7 - 8 weeks old and apart from fleas okay in health.

I am taking him to be checked at the vet but have decided to keep him.

Any suggestions for a name. I think as my puppies are Spike and Saxon an S name is appropriate so he fits in with his new brothers.

Who incidentally Spike... the 2 yo Chihuahua does not like the cat and my 4 month old beagle is petrified of him.

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i saw your FB post on this little guy. He's so cute!!! And how horrible he got thrown out the window but I'm so happy you were there to save his little life. Smile it was meant to be!!! I have no name suggestions. I suck at naming pets. lol My husband named our two cats we have right now. Im sure you'll come up with something nice Smile

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I have been thinking along the lines of he 'flew' out the window like Superman and superman being the "Man of Steel' I thought Steel might be appropriate??

What do you think?

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I HATE...LOATH people that throw animals away like that. It makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm so glad you were able to save him!! And what an adorable little boy he is Smile

I Love Steel, it fits him very well and it goes so nicely with your other fur babies!

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I think Steel is a great name! What a tale - those kinds of people make me sick!

I hope this guy will give you many years of warm fuzzy snuggles - he just looks like a cuddler to me.


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AWWWWW! I'm such a cat person, and it's horrific that there are people out there who try to dispose of animals in that way. He's so lucky that you were closeby. Steel is the perfect name for him!

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What a beautiful little kitty! I love the picture you've taken of the little guy, too! I can't imagine being so uncaring and irresponsible but am glad you were there to rescue him. It looks like he's got a great, pampered life to look forward to now!

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Horrifying indeed..that makes me want to puke and cry at the same time. Those people that do that should be pushed off a cliff if you ask me!!!!!!!!!! I'll gladly volunteer to push!!!

I am SO glad you were there to rescue him. So adorable and what a great pic. I like the name! Smile